In the ever-evolving landscape of media and advertising, KFC, a brand looking to stand out, must adapt to emerging trends and find new ways to reach its target audience.

A clear example of this success is the collaboration between Kivi and KFC, which effectively and meaningfully reached its target audience in Mexico.

KFC, the renowned restaurant chain known for its delicious fried chicken, aimed to reach its target audience in a compelling and memorable way, particularly on a significant occasion like Mother's Day.    


For Mother's Day, KFC sought to reach its target audience in an impactful and memorable way. Their primary goal was to explore new channels to reach their target audience and avoid oversaturation on other media.


KFC partnered with Kivi to broaden the reach of its target audience. With Kivi's experience and technology, a strategy was developed, including campaign distribution across various channels to ensure the target audience was reached through multiple touchpoints. The campaign ran for ten days, from May 1st to May 10th of the current year.

Relevant categories for the brand, such as Food & Beverages, Social Media, Entertainment, News, and Video Games, were selected to maximize exposure and engagement. The campaign video had a duration of 12 seconds.

Leveraging Lotame data, cookieless audiences were built using demographic information and consumer preferences collected from multiple devices. This allowed for precise microsegmentation, respecting consumer data privacy, and ensuring that the campaign's message reached the right people at the right time.

Campaign Results


KFC's campaign achieved an impressive 97% completion rate (VTR) for video ads. The campaign, titled "Mom is one of the most important dates for KFC, and the Mom Bucket cannot be missed," reflected the brand's importance in meaningfully connecting with its consumers, especially on Mother's Day.

Initially, it had 470,000 impressions over ten days, considering an average of 2.5 viewers per television. The campaign is estimated to have reached approximately 1.17 million viewers across all states in Mexico. These numbers highlight the effectiveness of the implemented strategy and its positive impact on the target audience.

One of the key success factors of the campaign was Kivi's ability to develop highly customized and high-quality audience segments.

The collaboration between KFC and Kivi demonstrates how CTV and personalized audience segmentation can be a powerful combination for digital advertising success.

Advertising investment in CTV is growing at double-digit rates, and more and more brands recognize the value of this medium in reaching their target audience. Kivi has positioned itself as a leader in this space, enabling brands like KFC to achieve outstanding results and maximize the impact of their advertising campaigns.

"KFC's campaign demonstrates the benefits of increasingly precise audience segmentation, especially in CTV. With Lotame, it's possible to create high-quality customized segments by combining demographic data and actual consumer preferences, thus reaching the ideal consumers for each brand. We are committed to working with innovative partners like Kivi to ensure that data connectivity and the ability to perform accurate segmentations for CTV, desktop, and mobile are available to all brands and companies."

Sebastián Yoffe, CEO of Latam and US Hispanics at Lotame.

If you want to learn more about CTV, you can contact a group of CTV specialists at Kivi.

Post by Kivi
Oct 30, 2023 12:47:50 PM