CTV attribution is defined as attributing installations of CTV applications to the same device and the same operating system as the ads that generate them. It is advisable to work with a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) that directly integrates with CTV platforms like Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, game consoles, and smart TVs to ensure the utilization of metrics.

There are several ways to analyze the effectiveness of an ad on CTV:

Post-view website visit attribution: Viewers visit a website after seeing a CTV ad.

Online purchase attribution: The ad viewer made a purchase on your website or through CTV after seeing an ad.

Post-view conversions: Viewers installed your mobile app and made an in-app purchase after seeing a CTV ad.

Foot traffic attribution: Omnichannel engagements and purchases after seeing an ad.

Offline conversion tracking: Measures how many times a person sees an ad before making a purchase.

Brand awareness: Your market positioning, measured by how people can remember and interact with your brand after seeing a CTV ad.

How Does CTV-to-Mobile Attribution Work?

One noteworthy cross-device flow is CTV-to-mobile, where mobile app marketers buy CTV media to drive mobile app growth and engagement.

Whether the integration is done through an SDK or API, MMPs ensure that app installations and post-installation events are accurately measured.

For example, with CTV-to-mobile attribution, marketers can understand that a mobile app installed after viewing an ad on a CTV device should be attributed to CTV.

CTV Fraud

Fraud typically comes in three forms:

Device spoofing: Impersonating another computing system (non-human bot traffic).

Multi-device identity spoofing: Pretending to be watching on multiple devices.

SDK piracy: Where the fraudster intercepts SDK communication and injects it with fake app installations, purchases, and clicks.

How to Mitigate CTV Advertising Fraud

  • Set clear requirements when working with inventory partners. Only work with trusted CTV providers with transparent and accessible campaign measurement capabilities.

  • Work with a trusted MMP to ensure your data is accurate, fraudulent activity is flagged in real-time, and user privacy is fully protected.

  • Dive deeper into your numbers and ask tough questions to uncover abnormal behavior patterns: Do these installations align with viewing habits at this geolocation or platform? Did users immediately uninstall the app after downloading it? Are there unusual spikes in app activity that seem suspicious?

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Oct 24, 2023 1:39:03 PM