In the digital age, cookies have been the mainstay for tracking user behavior online and delivering personalized ads. However, with increasing privacy concerns and stricter regulations, cookies are gradually disappearing. 

The process of eliminating third-party cookies that began in 2020 required a shift in advertising strategies. This change continues to redefine the shape of digital advertising and presents new challenges and opportunities for Connected TV.


What are cookies?

Third-party cookies, or Third-party cookies, are small text files containing pieces of data used to identify a user's device and monitor their online activity. They are used to track across different websites, target specific advertisements based on the user's browsing history, either on the web or when watching TV content via Connected TV.


Clearly, banning cookies hinders the ability to tailor ads to audiences. However, the digital advertising market once again presents us with a challenge: continue to impact our audience without being able to use a cookie in their browsers.

CTV as an alternative after the end of cookies

"Now, as the end of third-party cookies approaches, we are turning to new media or platforms that were not considered and, especially Connected TV, is enjoying a privileged moment since it was born being cookieless, unlike so many businesses that are currently looking for ways to adapt to the new reality," said Essio Floridi, Senior Director of Sales and Operations at Samsung Ads Latin America.

Here it is clear that CTV advertising is an alternative to cross-device integration without cookies, offering content on the Internet, generating a personalized experience and greater audience segmentation. 

"In today's digital age, Miguel de Unamuno's quote, "Progress consists in change," takes on unprecedented relevance. The demise of cookies, a fundamental tool for segmentation and data collection, poses a considerable challenge in a hyper-segmented world. This has led the industry to prioritize user privacy, technical advances in browsers and the effectiveness of non-invasive advertising.

In this scenario, the need arises to find viable alternatives. One of the most promising is CTV (Connected TV) technology, which, being "cookieless" in nature, offers an innovative way to reach relevant audiences without relying on traditional cookie tracking methods. In short, progress in the advertising industry lies in adapting to technological changes and prioritizing user privacy while seeking to maintain advertising effectiveness." Hernan Frascarelli, Head of AdOps & Account Management at Kivi. 

                                                                           Hernan Frascarelli


In addition, its IP-based nature provides new opportunities across all content platforms (traditional linear TV, pay TV, streaming, service APPs, game consoles). 

Transitioning to technologies that do not need third-party cookies is not something that can be done overnight. It is about changing the way an entire campaign infrastructure works, changing the strategy to reach the audience and finding a trusted partner for the implementation phase of new technologies..


Advantages of using Connected TV in advertising campaigns


Accurate segmentation

Connected TV allows you to target specific audiences based on demographics, viewing behaviors and content preferences.

More accurate performance measurement

Unlike cookies, which can be blocked or deleted, by reaching a specific IP Connected TV provides more accurate and reliable measurement of advertising effectiveness.

Greater transparency and compliance

By not relying on cookies, data privacy concerns are reduced, which can lead to greater consumer trust and regulatory compliance.

In a world where digital advertising is constantly transforming, it is crucial to find trusted partners and market experts who can guide brands to success. In this regard, KIVI stands out as a valuable strategic partner in the Connected TV (CTV) advertising space by offering innovative and customized solutions that maximize marketing ROI.

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Apr 22, 2024 10:47:51 AM